Making the Dream of Playing Cricket Overseas a Reality

Saturday 14 January 2017

The adventure of travel coupled with playing cricket in different conditions is the dream of every young cricketer but it’s a lot more common than you might think.

MCCC news recently had the chance to catch up with Premier player Nick Kelly to discuss his experiences of travelling to the UK in 2016 to play club cricket.

Nick Kelly (front) walking from the field during the 2016 club championships

MCCC News: Is this the first time you have travelled to the UK for a summer of cricket?
Nick: This was actually the second season of playing in the UK. In 2015 I made the decision to travel to the UK to play cricket for the UK summer. I went back to the same club in 2016.
MCCC News: Where in the UK did you play and what was the name of the cricket club you played for?
Nick: I played for Downham Town Cricket Club which is located in Norfolk about a half an hour outside of Cambridge.

MCCC News: How did you find a cricket club to play for?
Nick: I went through Steven Hirst. Stephen is a cricket agent who runs the Cricket Exchange Agency known as CricX. The agency is quite well known. [the website for the cricket exchange agency is]

MCCC News: Did you find the playing conditions in the UK different to playing in NZ?
Nick: Not overly. It was quite dependent on the weather during the week. If the weather was clear the pitch would be of a decent standard, similar to a good NZ wicket. During the 2016 summer we had quite a lot of rain so the wickets were a lot lower and slower than the previous year. On average I would say the size of grounds would be smaller in the UK compared to what we are used to playing on here in NZ.

MCCC News: What were your best and worst moments during the season?
Nick: As a team we had a pretty up and down season and didn't perform as well as we had liked. On a personal note though, I hit 5 6's in one over which was rather satisfying.

MCCC News: Do you plan on heading back  to the UK for the 2017 season?
Nick: No probably not. I’ve been to the UK for the last two seasons in a row now so I will enjoy having a break after what will be a long 2016/17 season in NZ. Hopefully I can finish some study or get some work in during the winter.

MCCC News: Have you found that having back to back seasons is a great benefit for the NZ summer?
Nick: Yeah I have. I have learnt a lot about how I play cricket. The off season will do me good I think. I have some technical areas to work on that will require some indoor training and drills.

Nick, thanks again for catching up with MCCC News. We really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. All the best for the remaining half of the 2017 season. We look forward to watching you on the television as you represent the club playing for the Northern Knights.

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